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If you support expanding energy efficiency programs to all homes and businesses that heat with oil, now is the time to speak out!

Why H 2909 Matters:

  • The cost of oil is over $2.50/gallon, and yet businesses, non-profits, churches and schools that heat with oil have little to no assistance to replace aging oil heating equipment. Residents served by a municipal electric company and heat with oil cannot participate in the Mass Save programs. This needs to change.
  • The savings are HUGE. Approximately 40% of heating systems in MA are over 25 years old—the average customer will save $800 in fuel costs in the first year alone.
  • 44% of MA towns have limited or no gas infrastructure; switching to natural gas is out of the question. This bill provides relief for the millions of homes and other buildings that heat with oil and will continue to rely on it.


Add jobs

Add thousands of jobs in MA

167 job years will be created per million dollars of program investments, both within and independent of the energy efficiency sector.

Energy Efficiency saves consumers money

Save consumers money

Every $1 dollar invested in energy efficiency pays the customer back over $7.60 in direct oil heat savings.

Oil Heat Efficiency boosts our local economy

Boost our local economy

Keeping more of our energy dollars circulating in-state rather than sending them outside our region.

Reduce greenhouse gases increasing energy efficiency

Reduce greenhouse gases

Reducing oil consumption will allow the Bay State to meet our aggressive carbon reduction goals and reduce other pollutants.


Communities using oil heat in Massachusetts

Map showing percentage of towns in Massachusetts that use home heating oil

Find out the percentage of homes in each community in MA who heat with oil. View map | PDFView list of towns

Save Oil, Improve Comfort and Create Jobs: It's Time for Oil Heat Efficiency in Massachusetts

Factsheet: Oil Heat in Massachusetts

PDFView fact sheet on the benefits of an oil heat efficiency fund for MA

Towns without gas infrastructure and municipal electrical utilities

Map of Natural Gas Service Areas in Massachusetts

PDFView service territory map of Massachusetts communities served by natural gas